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TS - Wrist Healing by Gav-Imp TS - Wrist Healing by Gav-Imp
(Spoiler alert!! Need to see the episode first: [link] (Click on FREE USER VREER))

While Krusty the Clown are entertaining the kids, Smithers are healing his boss' wrist.

"Stay there, sir. I'm almost done", Waylon said while he uses some bandages for cover the wound. "Luckly is not too much, and if that dog had owner, surely he's vaccinated"

"So?", Burns askes while he look at his assistant for a second.

"Well, there's no possibilities of be infected with rabies"

"That's not the question I care, Smithers", but at his mind is dealing with something else.

'Damn Waylon, why do you have sure soft hands?! You're teased me to kiss it or your lips to see if is that soft...?', realize that and his sanity fight back. 'Oh, c'mon Monty! Just calm down, we're in public! Stay those thoughts away!'

"What I mean that dog is a public danger and must go away. Smithers, call the Springfield Animal Control in this moment"

"Ok then, if you want", Waylon look at him seriously. "But first..." Then he put some alcohol in the bandages and then strip to fit the wrist.

"Ouch! Not so tight!" 'And don't put that serious face, Smithers! If you keep that face I'll...', Burns fights for not to blush at the idea.

BTW: As you see, Burns loved Smithers Sr. face too much that a smile, a glance and even a serious face make him so beautiful.

C. Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers Sr. (c) Matt Groening
Lisbeth-Simpson Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
This is cute! I like Monty's look. Waylon is hurting him with the alcohol and stuff but he just can't be mad after him...:P
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